SMSG 50 - Ascendo's top of the line 50" subwoofer. The largest, best subwoofer money can buy?
SMSG 50 – Ascendo’s top of the line 50″ subwoofer. The
largest, best subwoofer money can buy? Seen next to it is Stefan Kopf AIA’s Managing Director.

Superlative quality, particularly of audio components is a very highly subjective matter to most of us. If money is strictly not an object nothing is unachievable. Well at least that’s the attitude and philosophy of Ascendo Immersive Audio, a super high end German audio specialist company located at Ansbach, Germany.

The SMSG15 is AIA's "baby" of its subwoofer range.
The SMSG15 is AIA’s “baby” of its subwoofer range.

Founded in 1999 by three (3) music enthusiasts Ascendo Immersive Audio (AIA) is today helmed by Stefan Kopf (Managing Director) and Geoffrey Heinzel. Its aim is simple, to develop and manufacture the most effective DSP, audio networking technology and audio measurement systems.

To those who know, Ascendo Immersive Audio (AIA) offers the music and home theatre super high end enthusiasts a select
range of subwoofers that easily transcend all level of technologic expectations and are undoubtedly acknowledged by all to be the best that serious money can buy.

AIA’s subwoofers comes with drive unit sizes ranging from 15″ to 50″ while built-in amplification range from 650 watts to 6000 watts! According to Tony Low of Audio Visual Designs the Malaysian representative for Ascendo Immersive Audio the subwoofer models they have on hand for demo are the SMSG 15, SMS18 and the SMSG24 The larger SMSG32 and the SMSG50 can be made available to order.

As an example of what one can expect from the AIA range of super subwoofers the SMSG24 features a 24″ woofer with 13cm voice coil loaded in an extensively braced enclosure measuring 1100mm high, 700mm wide and 500mm deep. Its weight is a thumping 110 kg! With its built-in 6000 watts amplifier the SMSG24 is capable of plumbing the low bass depths to 10 hertz.

the 24" Ascendo Immersive Audio subwoofer driven by 6000 watts amplifier and super state-of-the-art digital signed processors highly claims its place as one of the most powerful and effective subwoofer ever built
the 24″ Ascendo Immersive Audio subwoofer driven by a 6000 watts amplifier and super state-of-the-art digital signal processors rightly claims its place as one of the most powerful and effective subwoofer ever built

If a 24″ sub is a little over top for you and you prefer something perhaps a shade less domineering in size AIA offers the SMSG18 a vented design featuring an 18″ woofer driven by a 1600 watts power amplifier that is able to drive the SMS18 to a bass depth of 26 hertz.

Although its enclosure is as tall the SMSG24 it is much slimmer looking overall measuring 530mm wide 1100mm high and 380mm deep. It weighs 55kg.

The “baby” of the range is the sealed enclosure SMSG15 that features a 15″ woofer with a 4″ voice coil. The built in amplifier is capable of generating up to 1000 watts of power output housed in an enclosure of 430mm wide, 500mm high and 460mm deep. It weighs a manageable 32kg and bass frequency extension is down to 18 hertz.

One need not be a bass freak to appreciate what a well produced, tight bass line can do for music and home theatre systems and we have seen our fair share of good to great subwoofers. And if the Ascendo Immersive Audio subs are truly capable of what its designers claim we are undoubtedly then looking at what is likely to be the best range of subwoofers ever produced.

For further details contact:
Audio Visual Designs Sdn Bhd
Tel: Tony Low: 012 2330771, James Tan: 016 3280237

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