Klipsch 's new Heresy IV looks fairly identical to the Heresy MK111 but  closer inspection will reveal critical differences.
Klipsch’s new Heresy IV looks fairly identical to the Heresy MK111 but
closer inspection will reveal critical differences.

My, how time flies, I recall fairly vividly when I did a news report on the then new Klipsch Heresy 111 Limited Edition speaker system. That was a little over two and a half years ago.

About a week ago Kenny Sea of WKH Distribution, Malaysia’s Klipsch distributor called to say the new Heresy IV is here, would I like to check it out? Would I indeed, for I was down at WKH Distribution’s sound/demo room in a jiff. And this is what I encountered.

At a first glance the Heresy IV appeared identical to the MK3 but upon closer examination the differences became only too obvious. For starters the Heresy IV is a mite larger at 24.81″ H x 15.5″W x 13.25″D. It is both approximately an inch taller and deeper.

Consequently it is also just a little heavier at 45lbs compared to the Heresy’s 111’s 43.5lbs.

According to Klipsch while the drive units look similar with a 12″ fiber composite cone woofer, a 1.75″ compression driver midrange and a one inch tweeter the Heresy IV now features a rear loaded Tractrix bass reflex port for the woofer.

As a result Klipsch claims that the crossover has now been critically retuned to factor in the added bass performance. The crossover point is now settled at 4,500 hertz for the high frequencies and at 850 hertz for bass crossover.

Less obvious to the casual observer is the stand that supports the speaker is also altered. It now appears simpler with a smaller foot print but still offering the Heresy a slight tilt backwards for optimum dispersion.

Critical specifications of the Heresy IV that remains identical to the Heresy 111 is a very high 99db for 1 watt input, a 140 watts power input handling capability and a nominal 8 ohms impedance.

According to Kenny Sea of WKH Distributions, the importer of Klipsch speaker here in Malaysia, audiophiles can expect the Heresy IV to sound even louder with a much more extended, powerful bass response.

For further details contact:
WKH Distribution Sdn Bhd. Kenny Sea – Tel: 019 3395186

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